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WINNER (위너) Profile

Winner is a new boy group from YG Entertainment, not really really "New" because Winner is actually introduced by YG Entertanment since last year by making a Survival Show that including 2 rookie team from their company. Yes, Team A and Team B from WIN: Who is Next survival program that broadcasted by Mnet.

WINNER Debut as a Group at August 12th, 2014 under YG Entertainment with debut album "S/S 2014"
WINNEr fandom name is "Iner Circle"

Ok, I will start with the older one, who is he? exactly! he is Kim Jin Woo

Name : Kim Jin Woo
Position : Vocal, Visual
Birth Date : September 26, 1991
Blood Type : A
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 54 kg
Education : Joy Dance Academy
Hometown : Imjado, South Korea
Hobbies : Acting

  • Jinwoon, also known as International Lost child, because he have a problem to found a place by him self, event he lost the exit way from the hotel ahaha.
  • Fake maknae, he is the oldest but act like the younger.
  • Not only oldest in WINNER, Jinwoo also the oldest trainee in YG entertainment.
  • He is one of the korean idols "Puppy Eyes" line.
  • Jinwoon is a former trainee of Plug In Music (Seungri Academy) in Mokpo.
  • Hoodie Lover.
  • Jinwoo's first love name is Seulbi, she lived in Imja.
  • When it's about memorizing lyrics of new song, jinwoo is the longest one compared with other member.

Ok next, we move to our former leader Song Mino. buuuuuut for me he always be the leader forever (in my heart)! yay!

Name : Song Min Ho
Position : Rapper
Birth Date : March 30, 1993
Blood Type : A
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 67 kg
Education : Hanlim Arts High School
Hometown : Yongin, South Korea
Hobbies : Composing music, writing lyrics, drawing, and playing basketball
Specialties : Beatboxing and drawing/painting caricatures

  • At first, Mino was the leader of Team A (now WINNER), YG switched the leader position to kang Seungyoon because of mino''s ankle injury.
  • He started out as an underground rapper by the name "Hugeboymino" and worked with people like Block B's Zico and P.O and MIB SIMS.
  • He also a former trainee under Brand New Stardom Entertainment and was supposed to be in Block B, but he decided to leave at the very last second.
  • His sister is Danah from the girl group, New F.O.
  • Has been told that he looks like a mix of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang .

Next, the one who catch my eyes on this debut, it wasn't because he's wearing shorts often (eemmm or maybe? lol) ok here is Seunghoon!

Name : Lee Seung Hoon
Position : Rapper, Main Dancer
Birth Date : January 11, 1992
Blood Type : A
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 63 kg
Education : Busan Music and Arts High School
Hometown : Busan, South Korea
Hobbies : Writing Lyrics
Specialties : Dancing

  • Former contestant of K-Pop Star Season 1, he was ranked fourth.
  • Because he can look at YG Entertainment from his rooftop room, at night he staring at and dreaming of growing big there.
  • He worked as a choreographer for G-Dragon's flash mob performance.
  • Begin as a YG trainee since 2012.
  • Known as hip hop baby lion.
  • He is in charge as stylist of Team A.
  • Seunghoon favorite fruit is watermelon.

Next is our leader, Kang Seung Yoon

Name : Kang Seung Yoon
Position : Vocal, Leader
Birth Date : January 21, 1994
Blood Type : B
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 59 kg
Education : Busan High School of Arts
(majoring in Classic Guitar)
Hometown : Busan, South Korea
Hobbies : Composing music, Writing lyrics, Swimming, Guitar, and Drawing

  • Fourth place of Superstar K Season 2, sign with YG Entertainment at 2011.
  • Made his Acting debut at 2011 with the sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged.
  • Debut as a solo singer at 2013 with "It Rains".
  • His favorite musical genres are R&B, rock, classical music, and anything that sounds soulful.
  • His parent is divorced when he was so young, his father leave KSY and his mother like nothing.
  • KSY dream since childhood was to become a singer and make people smile and sing along with his song.
  • Block B P.O says seung yoon's face is look similar with Zico.

And the last is our unique maknae (youngest member) which is my favorite member since very beginning

 Name : Nam Tae Hyun
Position : Vocal, Maknae
Birth Date : May 10, 1994
Blood Type :A
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 63 kg
Education : Hanlim Arts High School
Hometown : Hanam, South Korea
Hobbies : Composing music and writing lyrics
Specialities : Boxing and martial arts

  • Also known as Namdiva because of his pretty face.
  • Bobby says if name is a girl, he will become his ideal type.
  • He was recruited to YG Entertainment in 2011 through a private audition.
  • Has a tattoo on his left arm that says “Jean Michel Basquiat”, and one on his left wrist that says “Stay Gold”.
  • His closest member in Winner is Mino, a fan also give them a nickname "NamSong" which is Nam Taehyun and Song Mino.

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