Thursday, January 15, 2015

Quotes of the Day: Mistakes are proof that you are Trying

Hi readers!
It's been a long time right? sooooo long.. or  maybe was toooooooo long I'm not posting something here lol.
I'm here now yay! and I like to share something that I found while searching for random quotes today.
Well it's not a big thing maybe, just a few word, but if we keeps it and do it, it will give a pretty good effect I guess.

First, before I talk about the Quotes (yall read it already btw v-,-) my English is not perfect, nobody perfect of course! hoho well, English is not my first language and it was become my big enemy since 4th grade of elementary (not without reason) and give me so much problem now. But when I realize that I have to able to speak or atleast understand English, I learn really hard. And one that push me to write this article is the Quotes. I don't have to afraid of a Mistakes and should Trying. When we do a mistakes, we learn and will do better next time right? but when we didn't try, we do nothing, we not trying, we don't know a things and won't be better. So feel free to correct me, and I'll do better next time.

ok, so many people being very afraid of a mistakes even when they haven't try, me too of course, a lot.
When we don't try how can we trying to do a thing?

"Why you don't try?"
"No, I'm afraid of doing MISTAKES"

"You should just trying to do that.."
"No! I shouldn't do a mistakes!.."

If you hear it (or said) a lot, put your hands up! sorry I just trying to being as cool as rapper lol.

I hear this from someone I know
"Many people said, don't do a same mistakes for a second times. but for me, It's ok just do a mistakes, and you do again until you learned"

Not afraid of mistakes is not a simple things, we have feeling of "afraid of doing mistakes" since a kid, fear of being scolded if we do something "wrong" is the bigest cause I think hohoho.. but we're no longer a kid now.

I know, I'm not in the position that right to tell you to have a try, and I won't tell you either btw. I just want to ask you "why you don't try?" . Let's start with a little thing, for me? write this English article :) If I do mistakes, it's ok, my mistakes is a proof that I have trying.

Hope someone read this and share at least to one other people and he/she share to next people. So more and more people do mistakes yay! oh no, I mean more and more people TRYING!

Let's TRYING!! and don't afraid of Mistakes!